Dr Janelle is a Murdoch University graduate from 2007 and was inspired to become a chiropractor after a profound personal experience with chiropractic in managing a lower back disc injury she sustained during a regatta whilst rowing at University.  Janelle is also a Registered Nurse with experience in orthopaedics and spinal nursing, plastics, day surgery and medical/oncology.

Dr Janelle has worked in various clinics throughout Western Australia, Perth and Ireland, both as a locum and associate and has a passion for helping people across their lifespan, utilising a variety of techniques to improve your quality of life through chiropractic care, so you can live the lifestyle you desire.

Sheis also quite the nerd, and makes a particular effort to remain up to date with evidenced based practice.  She has completed post graduate training in paediatrics, pregnancy and attending conferences regularly and likes to incorporate what she’s learned to tailor treatment to your individual needs.  She’s also the new mum to cavoodle Poppy J.